Fitness Celebs - Brad Pitt: The Secret to his Six Pack


Fitness Celebs - Brad Pitt:  The Secret to his Six Pack
Brad Pitt: claimed from People magazine as "The Sexiest Man Alive". Every woman wants him, and every man wants to be him. However, he is already beyond the age forty. Even so, in the blockbuster movie "Troy" (2004) he still ravished his bustling muscles, and he still managed to steal women's hearts by the second.

The secret of his body structure he owes primarily to his fitness trainer. Brad also swears in addition to Pilates to a completely new customized full-body workout - the "Holistic Fitness. Holistic Fitness is a holistic fitness trend from the United States. The idea comes from the Americans and Star staff trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche.

Joujon-Roche developed his fitness program in 1994. The magic formula of Holistic Fitness is: The mind must deal with the body. Holistic Fitness is not a stubborn sequence of certain exercises, but focuses on individual needs. Fitness will finally be fun. From running, swimming, cycling and indoor training like yoga, gymnastics and boxing, and the right food - after the apparent success of Holistic Fitness stands an expert team of nutritionists, fitness instructors, boxing and fitness trainers, masseurs, and chiropractors. Body and mind should be equally challenged and trained. Positive thinking and feeling are essential for the training success. Joujon-Roche recognized very quickly that the body can only be effectively changed, if we know our own bodies. Conscious breathing is therefore also essential for training and doing the individual exercises. For Brad Pitt, Joujon-Roche and his team prepared a workout from balance exercises and a medicine ball. Fans then admired the results which were apparent in his role in the movie Troy.

There is one disadvantage though, to Holistic Fitness. The trend has not yet hit over the pond to Europe. Since Brad recently announced that he will gradually be moving away from the film business, the program has then lessened in popularity. Even his ex-partner, Jennifer Aniston, but also Hollywood greats such as Madonna, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere owe their shiny appearance to wellness and fitness trend Pilates and Holistic Fitness. Hopefully the trend will grow and more and more people will realize the benefits of such a program.

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