The Great British Marathons


How many people do you suppose have 'running a marathon' on their bucket list?

As the pinnacle of sporting achievements for a runner, a marathon requires grit, dedicated training and sheer guts to complete. Favourites on the Great British marathon circuit are, of course, the London Marathon, the Wales Marathon, and the Loch Ness Marathon - although these are not the only races taking place in Britain every year. In fact it is possible to pretty much run your way around the UK by completing in marathons! We've taken a look at some of the alternatives to the most popular, and how you can get involved.

Ok, so we couldn't not mention the London Marathon; this sporting event is the Wimbledon of any runners' sporting calendar, and literally draws thousands of competitors and spectators to the capital. Previous competitors include Joyce Smith, David Weir and Paula Radcliffe, although the race isn't only open to elite athletes, and many people run in costumes to raise money for charity. This iconic race routes through one of the most historic cities in the world and is a defining moment in many people's lives, even if they choose never to do it again!

Bournemouth may not be the first place you think of for staging a 26 mile long race, but the views along the coastline of Bournemouth and Poole are simply amazing. The vibrant town is also a lively tourist destination with a bustling nightlife, so a marathon would be a good way to work in a short holiday.

The Walled City
The Walled City Marathon takes place in Derry, Londonderry, and follows the River Foyle through the city and around rural villages, taking in views from some of the city's iconic bridges. The organisers also host a 10-mile challenge, perfect for those who are working up to a full marathon. Be aware though that the race fills up quickly, so get your entries in well before the closing date.

Liverpool Marathon
Starting at the famous Albert Dock, the Liverpool marathon takes you through the city centre where you can see some world famous sites such as the renowned Cavern Club. Liverpool is a well-known destination for many fans of music and football alike, so you could turn the race weekend into a trip away.

If you're thinking that either a half or full marathon is something that you'd like to have a go at, then you are about to embark on one of the most exhilarating journeys of your life. Whether you choose to run your next race on home turf or abroad, make sure that you've got your training kit sorted and you have the in place. Don't be scared to ask fellow runners for help and always seek medical advice if needed. There are lots of marathons you can enter, all you need to do is go for it!

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