Health Benefits of Licorice Root Tea


For over 5000 years, Licorice Root tea has been used as an remedy for numerous ailments. Originating from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, it was also widely used by China being called the 'Great Detoxifier' and in India within the Ayurvedic system. Some call it the 'Grandfather of Herbs'.

Most commonly, Licorice Root is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and have anti-allergic properties. Due to these properties, it has been used as a remedy for arthritis, menopausal symptoms, heartburn, indigestion, asthma, depression, sore throats, congestion and act as a mild laxative.

Licorice Root stimulates the production of two steroids: cortisone and aldosterone. Both of which can help regulate blood pressure. Cortisol is also known to help decrease inflammation, help one respond to stress and help balance the effect of insulin in regulating the blood sugar level.

Licorice Root contains Glycyrrhizin, a therapeutic compound which is 50x sweeter than sugar cane. Unlike most common sugars that can leave you thirsty, Licorice Root will quench your thirst. Glycyrrhizin can help reduce irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract, soothe a sore throat, ease congestion and is useful with asthma and chest infections. Glycyrrhizin can also help increase energy, ease stress, combat depression and reduce symptoms caused by chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromylagia.

If you are taking any medication, have untreated high blood pressure or are pregnant you should first consult a physician or other medical professional before consuming Licorice Root Tea.

To ensure both the quality and integrity of the tea is maintained, see our articles How to Steep Tea Correctly and the Importance of Proper Storage of Tea.

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