Smashing Through your Road Blocks

Discover How Hitting The Pillow Is Just As Critical as Hitting the Weights


Smashing Through your Road Blocks
When you are sleeping your body releases anabolic
hormones, these are the hormones that help you to
rest and repair. Some of these include melatonin,
testosterone, DHEA, growth hormone, estrogen and
more. It is only when you are well rested that your
body will produce enough of these hormones to begin
turning you into the sculpted piece of work that
you've envisioned.

Getting a good nights rest is a process that begins
when you awake in the morning. When the sun rises,
your body automatically begins producing catabolic
or "action hormones" to get you going. (catabolic
hormones give you energy, but too much makes
you fat and age quickly)

The simple act of the sun rising causes this to
happen… we are actually designed to be on the
same timetable as the sun. But this isn't always
the case.

Let's take a typical American morning of example.
You are rudely awakened at 5:30 am by your alarm
clock. It is dark out side, so your body still thinks its
time to sleep. To get you going you take a stimulant
beverage such as coffee, now you're off to the races!

At about 11 am you begin to feel tired so you have a
can of cola and a cookie from the vending machine to
keep you going. Little to your knowledge, your body
was just telling you that something is wrong – you need
more sleep. But we've still got a long day ahead of us.

At around 4pm you are getting ready to go home
but you need some more energy so you have
another cup of coffee so that you can deal with
the kids and cook dinner for your family.

At 9pm you've just finished dinner and are
watching the evening news with all of the lights
on in your home. Around 11pm you begin
looking to get to bed. By this time the sun has
been down for about 5 hours and you've disrupted
your natural sleeping rhythms. Getting to sleep is
a cinch – as soon as your head hits the pillow you
are out for the count. In what feels like 20 minutes
your alarm clock goes off and you do it all over again.

If you want to be fat, tired, sick and depressed…
then the day I just described - should be the one
that you follow. You will have catabolic, stress
hormones floating though your blood stream all day;
this is a recipe for a FAT disaster. But, if you want to
be thin, trim and full of energy then follow the
guidelines below:

· Get your head on your pillow no later than 10:30 pm.
· Wake at 6:30 am
· Avoid stimulants like coffee after 2 pm
· Drink plenty of water all day long
· Avoid watching TV in the evening
· Keep the lights low in your home in the evening
· Listen to relaxing music or read at night
· Exercise
· Eat right for your metabolic type

All of the above keys will assure that you get a
good nights rest. This will keep you looking
young and your body will thank you by giving
you the energy and body that you desire.

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