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Ajwain is a common medical plant which helps prevent diseases of the digestive tract, as well as for cough and cold treatment. More

The oils found in allspice have been known to aid in the break down of foods in the digestive system. More

It is used in folk medicine and voodoo charms. More

For medical concerns Amchur can be used to prevent skin cancers, and rashes. More

In the medical field it is used to treat colds and respiratory problems. More

In the medical world, Anise leaves are used to treat digestive problems, relieve toothache, and has an essential oil to treat scabies and lice. More

It is used primarily for flavoring. More

It is used to produce a red food coloring, and as a flavoring. Its primary function is its seeds used for cheeses, margarine, butter, rice, fish, and custard powder. More

It is used frequently as an ornamental plant because it is easy to grow. Common uses include flavoring dishes such as couscous, and also used to make mint tea, and jelly. · More

It is commonly used in Chinese medicine, as well as for abortion purposes. More

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