Articles has a wide range of informative articles that are free for all your health and fitness needs.

  • Articles offering new innovative fitness techniques and programs.
  • Articles that can answer all your professional health questions.
  • Articles on the newest celebrity fitness trends .
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Exercises offers free customizable exercises to accommodate your own individual fitness plan.

  • Choose from hundreds of exercises from a variety of categories.
  • Easily identify exercises to work specific muscle groups.
  • Make your own work out programs and print them for free.
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Club Search allows you to search for fitness clubs and personal trainers around the globe.

  • Find the newest & hottest fitness clubs in your area.
  • Locate the nearest fitness facility while traveling.
  • Search for a personal trainer that is right for you.
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Fitness Tools
Fit-o-Meter Fit-o-Meter Test your overall fitness in just 5 minutes!
12 Minute Run 12 Minute Run
(MET & VO2 Max)
Evaluates cardiovas- cular fitness for adults.
BMI Calculator BMI Calculator BMI provides a simple numeric measure of a person's "fatness" or "thinness".
BMR Calculator BMR Calculator Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of energy expended while completely at rest.

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