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Title: How To Get Rid Of Leg Fat?

I have already said that I am 14, 5'8 and 175 pounds. Gross huh?? I think so. My legs seem to be where all my fat is. I was just wondering what type of excercises I can to reduce the fat on my legs. I would like to lose 25 pounds, but will that get rid of the fat on my legs? My stomach isn't FAT, it's just flubbery! I swear! I have pudge I need to get rid of, but I think that I can get rid of it mostly by doing sit ups and crunches. Is there anything besides sit ups and crunches that works for really toning the abdomenal muscles? I really appreciate it...thanks.
Name: cookie
Date: Jul. 11th, 2001

    Title: Re: How To Get Rid Of Leg Fat?

    Run! i swear, it tones your legs and cardio activity such as this burns fat ..that with a good eating plan of fruts/veggies, leaN protien, whole grains and so on..with a SLIGHT reduction of your total calories will sure give you results in a few weeks
    if you wont wanna run, any cardio workout for 20-45 minutes 3 or more times a week is good
    Name: -dj
    Date: Jul. 11th, 2001

      Title: And For Your Abs

      there are millions of exercises for your stomach..try going to for the proven best methods..make sure you PUSH your lower back into the floor and focus totally on squeezing while yu go up, dont do sit ups they do the crunches or whatever exersice it may be, VERY SLOW and hard, try holding weights in your hands on your chest for added focus and pressure on the muscles wheen you go up.
      Name: -dj
      Date: Jul. 11th, 2001

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