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Plank on BOSU (on elbow and shin)

Level 2: Beginner core strengthening using the plank position

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Overhead Triceps Extension with Band

This exercise is challenging for targeting the triceps.

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Muscle Group: Shoulder: Side, Shoulder: Front, Triceps
Equipment: Exercise Tube or Band
Categories: Strength
Overhead Press with Band

A variation of the shoulder press using an exercise band.

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Upright Row with Band

The upright row targets the front and side (anterior and lateral) as well as synergists such and the trapezius. When using an exercise band you can increase or decrease the challenge of the exercise by...

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Front Raises with Band

This resistance band exercise targets front or anterior deltoids of the shoulders. If you want a greater challenge you can change the strength of the exercise bands that you use.

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One Arm Front Raise with Band

This is a simple band exercise to work the the front portion of the deltoids (shoulders).

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Dumbbell Partial Forward Shoulder Raises

This free weight exercise is designed to strengthen and tone the front deltoids.

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Muscle Group: Serratus Anterior, Shoulder: Front
Equipment: Free Weights
Categories: Strength
Advanced Plank

Advanced Plank

Summary This exercise has images

The Plank is an excellent core exercise and test of core strength, this version of that exercise is more advanced.

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Muscle Group: Abs, Core, Lats, Shoulder: Front
Equipment: Exercise Mat, None
Categories: Core, Strength

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