Rotator Cuff

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Back  Muscles

Back Muscles

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This is a great exercise for strengthening postural muscles.

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Shoulder Stability with Exercise Band

When done correctly, this exercise is great for increasing shoulder stability.

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Side Star Plank from Elbow

This exercise is very effective for targeting the core stabilizing muscles.

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Diagonal Shoulder Raise & Torso Twist with Exericse Band

A good exercise for strengthening the shoulders and back muscles.

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Side and Arm Stretch on the Exercise Ball

This exercise stretches the shoulder and side.

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Muscle Group: Abs, Abs: Side, Back, Back: Lower, Lats, Rotator Cuff
Equipment: Exercise Ball
Categories: Stretches
Lateral Dumbbell Raises

This exercise can be done in the gym or at home.

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Muscle Group: Forearms (Wrist), Rotator Cuff, Shoulder: Side
Equipment: Free Weights
Categories: Strength

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