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Ipad Mini giveaway from Blood, Sweat, & Cheers

It is a pleasure to announce that our company,, established a partnership with one of the most popular fitness & healthcare companies right now. It is Blood, Sweat and Cheers. Why we decided to do so? Well, it's pretty simple. Both our companies are... More

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Can't do Pull-ups - Do Modified Pull ups
Submitted by: drlenlopez

Don't neglect half your upper body because you can't do pull-ups. Pushups only target half your upper body, pullups train the other half. Learn how to get the full benefit of pull-ups with 'modified' pullups. More

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Top Exercise Questions, Answered.
Submitted by: fitnessfoundry

The exercises questions range from "Is it safe for pregnant women to workout?" to "Is it better to perform cardio before or after lifting weights?". More

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As a weight management practitioner for over 20 years, I have reached a number of conclusions, with perhaps the most controversial being my belief that overweight and particularly obese people should eat more food. I am pleased to say that in many circumstances I have... More

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5 Pushup Tips You Need to Know
Submitted by: fitalex

My advice with push ups is simple: ditch the numbers game and focus on form. Here are 5 little known tips to make your push ups more challenging; and you significantly stronger in the process. More

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Getting fit has to be fun. Without a little fun in a fitness regime, few people have the staying power necessary to stick with traditional gym routines long enough to see any real, meaningful gains. / / If you're bored of the same old gym routine and you're eager to add... More

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Tone Up with Gala

There's no denying that with the body conscience culture we live in, people all round the country would like to tone up or lose weight from some part of their body, but with our busy lifestyles it can often be hard to find time to hit the gym. Imagine a busy parent that... More

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Erectile dysfunction, aka impotence, is an occurrence that is very common amongst men of all ages, in fact approximately one in ten men will experience it at some time during their lives. Although the outlook of the condition has improved in recent years, it is still a... More

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10 Best Tips For Gaining Mass
Submitted by: brealz68

Are you a hard gainer? Or are you someone who is having the desires to be big, huge or just want to stand out in a crowd? No matter what your reasons are for gaining size stop reading articles and workouts out of a magazine! Stop spending money on all different types of... More

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Things Health/Fitness Professionals Need to Know About Multiple Sclerosis

1. LACK OF CERTAINTY. No one knows for sure what causes multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. What is known for certain is that the immune system of people with MS erodes the myelin sheath that covers and... More

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