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Squats and deadlifts after 40: Don't do it
Submitted by: thierrysf

For most middle aged athletes squats and dead lifts are just too dangerous. Use a leg press instead. More

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Exercises To Improve Leg Power and Speed
Submitted by: JohnStyles

If you happen to play a sport that benefits from leg power (try to find one that doesn't – it isn't easy), you will want to take note of the exercises in this article as they will help you reach your greatest potential. More

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Submitted by: elamins22

The article outlines the benefits of incorporating pushups into your workout routine. More

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Submitted by: blueprint

Sometimes, faster is better than heavier. A look at the benefits and drawbacks of high-tempo training. More

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Not sure what to do for a proper warm-up? Well here's what we include for our athletes and clients. More

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Submitted by: ChrisC

In my last few articles I've talked about monitoring the signs of overtraining and listening to your body. I alluded to the fact that last week I felt my own body tighten up during a workout but was able to manage this, work around it and return to training more quickly... More

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Top Five Exercises for Getting Healthy Without Leaving the House

Building good exercising habits can be a bit of a lifestyle change, but with these exercises it is plain to see that anybody can do them. You have no excuses to not create a more healthy lifestyle through exercise because you should not have to leave your house to do... More

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Bench Press Explosion
Submitted by: realyoufitness

A few years ago, my bench press went from 185 pounds to 300, in just over 3 ½ months! Here is how I did it. More

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The Fitness Feud:  Rihanna versus Chris Brown

When they aren't fighting or battling it out in the court room, Rihanna and Chris Brown can easily be found trying to keep fit. Although they may not see eye to eye on most things, fitness is something that is extremely important to them, both as individuals and as... More

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Picking the right weight bench.
Submitted by: jrosenaucml

When picking the right weight bench you need to follow these simple steps. Then you will be able to find your exercise routine more enjoyable. / More

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