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10 Reasons Why You Suck At Being Fit
Submitted by: mohancr

My experience has shown that being fit is achieved only when our attention is focused on something other than failure. Actually, that’s the biggest hindrance to being fit - being extremely wary of failing, that we make choices that are self-defeating. In this article,... More

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How Stress Impacts Your Fat Loss Results
Submitted by: Shannon Clark

One element that far too many people completely discount when going about their fat loss diet is stress. Stress plays a tremendous role in your progress and unless you are taking steps to combat it, you will see hindered results because of it. / More

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Smart move for Smart Phone Users
Submitted by: fitnessfoundry

Do you suffer from rounded shoulders, neck pain, mid and lower back discomfort and in some extreme cases, numbness in the hands? You are not alone. These are some of the symptoms that may arise from continuous extended periods of smart phone or hand held devices usage.... More

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Submitted by: healthtrainer

If we go with the words of Hannah Green, a well-known American author, “Health is not simply the absence of sickness”, clearly indicates that just because you are not ill, does not mean that you are completely healthy. More

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What is up with the Eagles

If you are an Eagles fan, you have to be hurting right now. Not only are they off to a 1-3 start, after winning their first game 33-27 against the Redskins, but they just seem to keep on making mistakes. At the rate that they are going, they will end up at 4-12, exactly... More

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Ipad Mini giveaway from Blood, Sweat, & Cheers

It is a pleasure to announce that our company,, established a partnership with one of the most popular fitness & healthcare companies right now. It is Blood, Sweat and Cheers. Why we decided to do so? Well, it's pretty simple. Both our companies are... More

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Top Exercise Questions, Answered.
Submitted by: fitnessfoundry

The exercises questions range from "Is it safe for pregnant women to workout?" to "Is it better to perform cardio before or after lifting weights?". More

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As a weight management practitioner for over 20 years, I have reached a number of conclusions, with perhaps the most controversial being my belief that overweight and particularly obese people should eat more food. I am pleased to say that in many circumstances I have... More

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5 Pushup Tips You Need to Know
Submitted by: fitalex

My advice with push ups is simple: ditch the numbers game and focus on form. Here are 5 little known tips to make your push ups more challenging; and you significantly stronger in the process. More

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Erectile dysfunction, aka impotence, is an occurrence that is very common amongst men of all ages, in fact approximately one in ten men will experience it at some time during their lives. Although the outlook of the condition has improved in recent years, it is still a... More

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