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Smart Exercise Swaps
Submitted by: Shannon Clark

As you go about your workout sessions, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is maximizing your time in the gym. Sadly though, many people are still spending far too much time performing exercises that simply are not going to get them the best ‘bang’ for their... More

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Fitness Training Plan
Submitted by: tonycollege

A goal without a plan is a fantasy. If we want to reach our health goals, we need to create a plan and execute it. You can reach your health goals, but stop shooting in the dark! Create your fitness training plan today! More

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What is up with the Eagles

If you are an Eagles fan, you have to be hurting right now. Not only are they off to a 1-3 start, after winning their first game 33-27 against the Redskins, but they just seem to keep on making mistakes. At the rate that they are going, they will end up at 4-12, exactly... More

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Top Exercise Questions, Answered.
Submitted by: fitnessfoundry

The exercises questions range from "Is it safe for pregnant women to workout?" to "Is it better to perform cardio before or after lifting weights?". More

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Things Health/Fitness Professionals Need to Know About Multiple Sclerosis

1. LACK OF CERTAINTY. No one knows for sure what causes multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. What is known for certain is that the immune system of people with MS erodes the myelin sheath that covers and... More

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A couple of years ago, mobile phone innovations were at the heart of technological progress, when Apple and Samsung continually blew our minds with their space-age developments. That meteoric hardware explosion has now slowed, and more thoughtful innovation is taking its... More

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Wouldn’t-You-Like-to-Know Facts About Health/Fitness Clubs

1. A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE. At the present time, an estimated 45 million Americans are members of health/fitness clubs - a number that has more than doubled in the past 2 decades. Globally, the number of health/fitness club members nearly is 120 million. From a global... More

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 Nice-To-Know Facts About Stretching, Flexibility, And Warming Up

1. NOT THE SAME. Some people believe that stretching and warming up are more or less the same. They’re not. Warming up is designed to prepare an individual for the demands of the physical activity that follows. As such, a few minutes of engaging in low-intensity... More

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Ways Health/Fitness Professionals Can Continue to Learn

1. Have an open mind. Realize that opportunities for learning abound. They are everywhere if individuals can learn to recognize them for what they are. The key is to be receptive to and tolerant of new ideas, new notions and conceptual links, and the potential of... More

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Core stability myths exposed

Every time I see a new patient for low back pain (which is often, being a chiropractor and all), I always ask them what they are doing for core stability exercises. When they inevitably show me exercises such as Supermans or sit-ups, flattening their backs and sucking in... More

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